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    Robert H. Sammis
Brittany Pointe Estates, Lansdale, PA
“Joyce and I (as pictured in 2012) were fortunate to enjoy
60 years of marriage with two children, myriad travels and
much public service. Joyce passed away in 2020, leaving
behind a significant estate, a testament to her frugality.
Among those assets was her IRA account. I decided to
carry on her legacy of giving from this IRA account with
regular Qualified Charitable Distributions. In her memory,
Columbia University (where she graduated in Nursing)
received her legacy support as well as Hood College,
Doctors Without Borders, Manna on Main Street and our
Brittany Pointe Estates Samaritan Fund through Acts Legacy Foundation. Her giving, past and present, is a tribute to her Christian upbringing and desire to help others. As long as the funds are available, the gifts will continue, especially to the Samaritan Fund. I encourage others to periodically review their estates to see if they can also assist in this endeavor.”
Donald & Abigail Greene Elizabeth R. Gross Gwynedd Treasures
Mrs. Jane Harris
Chris & JoAnne Hartman Mr. Leonard J. Hartwig Louie & Virginia Heater
Ms. Katharine C. Heidelbach John H. Herder
Mr. William J. Hilliard Jr.
Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Clair Hoifjeld Troy M. Howard
Mr. William K. Hutchison Indian River Estates New2U Mrs. Terrie Irwin
Mr. Charles Jacobs
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Jaffe
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Jasper Ms. Rosemary Jenkins
Ms. Rita K. Jhangiani
Mr. Kenneth J. Karmeris
Ms. Bernadette Kehl
Mr. Michael Kelly
Mr. Robert E. Kennedy
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Kenton Carol & Kent Kerbel
Estate of George F. Kernen Ms. Grace V. Kershaw
Mrs. Jane M. Kieser
Mrs. Joan J. Kingston
Mrs. Jane H. Kipp
Mr. Theodore S. Klein
Mr. Peter J. Kress
Ben & Rosemary Krieger Ms. Patricia C. Kroepke
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Labrie Ms. Ernestine T. Lanahan Rick & Carol Lang
Chaplain Wayne Larson Arie E. Lattomus Trust
Mr. Daniel W. Lawson II Edna L. Lay
Mr. Theodore R. Lazo
The Le Blanc Family Chaplain Anne R. Ledbetter Ms. Jane A. Lenzen
Mr. Paul R. L’homme
Mr. Donald E. Linnartz
Ms. Irene K. Lipperini
Ms. Christine Lipski
Ms. Megan Longley
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lutz
Mrs. Marguerite Lynch Tommy & Frances Lynch Ms. Anna L. Macfarlane
Mr.* & Mrs. Richard S.
Ms. Joan H. Madden Magnolia Trace Neighbors Mr. Edmund T. Mann
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley J. Mann Manor House Crafty Nook Mr. Larry Marr
Ms. Kathleen Martin
Mrs. Mary (Jean) Martin Ms. Virginia S. Mayforth Ms. Rosalie W. McIntyre Anne D. McMackin
Med Mizer
Steve W. Messer
Kenneth N. Meyer*
Mr. Edmund D. Meyers
Ms. Elizabeth Miller
Ms. Carolyn S. Moman
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Morris Mrs. Renate Muendel
Cara Bass Munday
Ruth Ann Nichols
Ms. Virginia M. Numsen Opus Search Partners
Ms. Jeanne M. Oski
Mr. & Mrs. John Owen
Ms. Mary Pagonis
Larry & Connie Parke
Ms. Estelle Parker
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Pascoe Ms. Barbara Pastore
Ms. Verna L. Perdue
Mr. Jonathan Pinsker
Mr. Joseph F. Pirola Jr. Mrs. Joanne M. Pohlen Mrs. Frances M. Powell Frances M. Powell Fund of
Fidelity Charitable Mr. Christopher Prang Mrs. Helen M. Reed
Mr. & Mrs. John Reimer Mr. & Mrs. John Rex Mrs. Mildred B. Rhone Mr. & Mrs. Dave Rice Mrs. Leona M. Rivasi Mr. & Mrs. DeWayne
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Robison Ms. Ruby Rogers
Ms. Elaine Rose-Kennedy
Mr. & Mrs. Fillmer C. Ruegg Ms. Karen L. Russell
Dr. & Mrs. James R. Sandberg Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Sanz Holly & Stephen Schade
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Schneider Mr. & Mrs. Richard A.
Carl P. Schumacher
Mrs. Patricia M. Seguare Marylin Setlow
Eugene “Gene” Simonson Corinne L. Smith
Smith Grounds Management Rev. Mark & Denise Smith Mr. Stephen T. Smith
David Stansfield &
Linda Drake
Mrs. Kathy Statton
Mrs. Mary J. Steele
James & Barbara Summers
Family Foundation
Acts Legacy Foundation

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