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 Indian River Estates West Residents Association
Mr. Charles Jacobs Phyllis M. Jennings* Ms. Mary H. Keefe Mary Kromhout Jean V. Kuntz
Mrs. Judith Lampert
Mrs. Lucille L. Larson David Lazer
Ms. Christine Lipski
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon S. Mann John A. Marker*
Gailanna Matthews
Virginia & Robert McBride Charles O. McKenzie
Kay & Paul Moyer
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin S. Mullett Dr. & Mrs. Richard D. Mumma Juanita V. Nichols
Ms. Patricia M. Nordin Raymond W. Paulsen*
Mrs. Margot Perot
*Deceased as of December 31, 2020
Bruna Picco
Mrs. Frances M. Powell
Suzy S. Rester
Mrs. Leona M. Rivasi
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Sadlek Corinne L. Smith
Jim & Mary Ann Smith
Sarah F. Smith*
Mary Stark
James L. Starkey
Ellie M. Thompson
Ms. Maxine G. Vreeland
Mrs. Lillian D. Wessinger* Tina O. Withers
Fran W. Wrzesinski
St. Andrews Estates
Anonymous Beverly J. Anseman Ms. Jane E. Bloom Kathy E. Bourque* Colin W. Brown
Mrs. Barbara Chapman Charles F. Crowley Jr. Nancy M. Crumley* Dorcas Eppright
Ms. Martha B. Franklin
Reta Fuller
Mr. & Mrs.* Graham F. Gaskell Ms. Susan Griffin
Mrs. Wilma Harris*
Lu L. Henry*
Trudy Henry
Ms. Dorothy J. Hopkin
Maria Hoppa
Ms. Eleanor C. Huneke
Doris Jacobsen
Ms. Susanne M. Jacobson
Dr. Barbara Kane
Robert J. King*
Elaine Klaasen
C. Richard Kriebel
Mel Kuritzky
Ted Lee
Ms. Irene Loeber
John MacPhee
Doris O’Connor
Betty G. Omundsen Douglas* & Ruth Porto
Ms. Helen Rockberger* Beatrice Rothel
Bill* & Jody Samuels
Melvin & Marie Schwartz Ted & Gerda Shay
Ms. Dorothy Snow
St. Andrews Estates Crafters Mr. Laurence Stoddard*
Ms. Angela Sullivan
Buck VanderWeele
Westminster Village
Mrs. Helen Thomas
St. Andrews Estates, Boca Raton, FL
Martha Griffin and Susan Franklin thought about what they should do with the farm they inherited from their parents. They believe it’s only fitting to pass on this act of Loving-Kindness, as the farm was gifted to their family, to Acts.
“We’re sure our mother would have been most pleased... it’s a true honor of our father’s legacy,” said the sisters.
The proceeds from the sale of the farm went to fund a Charitable Gift Annuity that will pay Martha and Susan income for life and provided them with tax benefits. “It’s a win-win,” said Martha, “Acts took care of everything.
It took little effort and was less burdensome than
if we would have tried to sell the property on our
own.” Martha and Susan have designated the charitable
portion of their gift to the St. Andrews Mission Development Fund for the building of a future indoor pool at St. Andrews Estates. Their wish is to pay-it-forward for the benefit of all our residents.
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