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                Life in the Right Lane
By Paddy Wiesenfeld, Ph.D. Fairhaven
As I was slowly adjusting to my one-bedroom cottage and new lifestyle at Fairhaven—whap—we were all thrown into a worldwide medical quagmire of epic proportions. I am isolated and feel useless! I cannot effect change the way I did only a year ago as a branch chief toxicologist at the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Food Safety. Then, I helped assure the public that their foods were safe to eat and nutritious. Now, I eat whatever the teenage servers deliver to my door.
I am confined to this environment, with limited options, and
not able to share time and thoughts with new friends and acquaintances. I am on the opposite side of life’s equation than the one I was used to and found so gratifying.
But I am adapting and learning new lessons.
By remaining almost motionless, I have received the most beautiful gifts—all unexpected and very much appreciated. A telephone call from a cousin in Louisiana whose health is much improved. It was so good to hear his voice and know he is on the mend.
An email from a friend and former colleague who knows I love Diet Dr. Pepper and shipped a supply to my cottage.
I connected with four other friends and colleagues on a Zoom happy hour, just as Fairhaven surprised us with a small bottle of wine, some fruit, and cheese. I had a real happy hour! and caught up on my friends’ lives.
Since my TV is not working and I’m left out of the daily news, I
am rediscovering my love of reading and quiet music playing in
the background. My living room couch is now overloaded with books from friends who dropped them off for me at the front gate— visitors are not allowed. I miss them so much.

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