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Acts Management Council
The 23 members of the Acts Management Council collectively have served for more than 462 years.
Susan Ahern
Vice President, Controller
George R. Bryan
Vice President, Community Operations Southeast Region
Karen I. Christiansen
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Charles W. Coxson, III
Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
Iain W. Crichton
Vice President, Mission Support & Spiritual Life
Stephen V. Eggles
Vice President, Community Operations Mid-South Region
Sean T. Fletcher
Vice President, Construction Services
Glenn D. Fox
Senior Vice President, General Counsel
Gary J.N. Ginter
Vice President, Procurement and Contract Management
Gerald T. Grant
President & CEO
Jonathan D. Grant
Senior Vice President, Community Operations
Claire E. Halton
Vice President, Human Resources
Jefferson D. Kaighn
Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer
Kenneth J. Karmeris
Senior Vice President, Real Estate Services
Peter J. Kress
Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer
Megan M. Longley
Vice President, Sales
Jeremy O. Neely
Vice President, Community Operations Northeast Region
James H. Petty
Senior Vice President, Business Development
Holly S. Schade
Senior Vice President, Health & Home Services
Robert A. Westervelt
Vice President, Operational Audit & Compliance
Terri A. White
Vice President, Community Operations Mid-Atlantic Region
Richard A. Winter
Senior Vice President, Financial Services
Lori M. Woodward
Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
  Corporate Directors
Patricia A. Alderson
Rehabilitation Services
James W. Bollinger
Risk Management
Raymond J. Boyle
Acts Legacy Foundation
Kelly O. Carney
Memory Care
Pamela D. DeVito
Primary Care Services
Christopher J. Hartman
Technology Services
Jo Anne R. Hartman
Acts Corporate University
Valerie D. Klan
Human Resources
Teresa C. Moore
Resident Health Services
Theresa I. Perry
Wellness Services
Kimberly A. Power
Information Technology
Marian J. Schurz
Home and Community Services
Katherine E. Spegal
Quality and Control
Michael J. Smith
Corporate Communications
William Tamulonis
Acts Center for Applied Research
Peggy C. Valdivia
David Vega
Audit and Compliance
David W. West
Robert S. Yancey
Business Systems

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