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Acts Legacy Foundation Donors 2017 (Continued)
Mrs. Julia Ann P. McKay
Charles O. McKenzie
Ms. Louise M. McLean
Mrs. Donna McMullan
Ms. Lisa McQuieter
The Rev. & Mrs. William C. Mead Mr. Rex Mears
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph C. Meima Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Mele
Ms. Phyllis Melser Charlotte A. Mensky*
Mr. Dain Mergenthaler Gus Merkle
Ms. Lynda Metelus
Mr. & Mrs. George Metzger Mr. Robert C. Meyer
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Meyer Mr. Brian Meyers
Ms. Ramona Michael
Ms. Florence R. Mihalchick Ms. Phyllis Mikalajczyk
Mr. & Mrs. James G. Miles Mrs. Dolores A. Miller
Mr. Edward Miller
Andrea N. Mills
Ms. Kathleen E. Minch
Tammi Mitchell
Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Mitchum Mrs. Ann E. Moffett
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mohr
Ms. Bernice B. Moore
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel W. Moore Ms. Sonja L. Moore
Jean A. Morgan
Ms. Vonita Morrell
Mrs. Marjorie R. Morris
Mrs. Nancy Morris
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Morrison Mrs. Beverly Morse
Ms. Kimberly Mosesso
Mrs. Doris Moss
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph C. Muckle
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Muldowney Rev. & Mrs. Alfred M. Muli, Ph.D. Ms. Miriam T. Murdock
Sarah E. Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Murphy IV Ms. Eileen M. Murray
Ms. Elizabeth A. Myers
Ms. Annie G. Nagel
Ms. Carla M. Nash
National Association of Letter
Carriers, Branch 286
Ms. Katherine Naylor
Mr. Roger E. Neetz
Ms. Lauren M. Nelson
Ms. Cecilia M. Nettleton Stephen B Newsome, DMD Mr. Paul Nimey
Mr. Michael Noll Normandy Farms Estates
Residents of E-1
Mr. & Mrs. William I. Norris Mr. & Mrs. James S. Northrup Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Nurse Ms. Debra Nute
Leona W. Oakman*
Ms. Anne C. O’Brien
Ms. Rosemary O’Connor
Ms. Eileen O’Donnell-Balius
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Ogren
Ms. Rita M. O’Hare
Mrs. Margaret J. Olson
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. O’Malley Mr. & Mrs. Timothy C. O’Rourke Ms. Esther Osterman
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin S. Outen
Dr. & Mrs. William C. Padgett Ms. Pamela Page
Ms. Mary Anne Palladino
Park Pointe Village Independent
Residents Council
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Parrett Helen Patterson
Ms. Ruth G. Paul
Ms. Phyllis Paulive
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel M. Peacock, III Ms. Mary Alicia W. Peale
Ms. Jane L. Peet
Ms. Eleanor M. Peoples
Mr. & Mrs. Warren E. Perkins
Mr. Rod Petit
Ms. Rita T. Petruzzi
Mr. & Mrs. Edward E. Pierce, III Ms. Hannelore Pinhak
Pink Tulip
Mr. Arthur L. Pion
Mr. Donald S. Pirkle
Ms. Patricia F. Pittenger
Ms. Renate S. Plank
Plantation Estates Good Grief Group
Mr. & Mrs. Mack A. Player Mr. & Mrs. Tom Poe Carmen P. Polanco
Ms. Mary F. Pollitt
Mrs. Barbara Y. Poole Bronwyn C. Poplin Mr. Irvine Powell
Mrs. Shirley A. Powell Premier Homes
Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Pringle CDR. & Mrs. Melville E. Prior Ms. Carmela Procario
Mr. Gaetano Provenzano Barbara Prutzman
Mr. David Quinn
Ms. Gloria Raines
Blanche M. Rainey*
Ms. Ernestina Ramirez
Ms. Diane Ramsey
Mory & Marlene Ranck
Ms. Carole L. Rappold
Mr. & Mrs. Colin N. Ratcliffe Ms. Jane G. Rauffenbart
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene S. Rausch Mr. Hugh M. Ravenscroft Joan W. Rawls*
Mr. & Mrs. Joel Ray
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Read
      In the 23 years that Louise Widdup has been a resident of Heron Point, she and her late husband John have supported many community programs, enhancements and capital campaigns. Louise continues to support community improvements, most recently supporting the purchase of a new upgraded 28 passenger bus for Heron Point. Louise says she and many other residents spend a lot of time on the bus traveling to concerts, shows and shopping destinations due to Heron Point’s location in Maryland’s rural eastern shore. Current and future Residents of Heron Point will enjoy a more comfortable ride thanks to Louise’s generosity.
Louise Widdup, Heron Point
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