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Acts Legacy Foundation Donors 2017 (Continued)
Mr. Daniel Citrone
City of Seaford, Mayor’s Office Loretta Claeys
Classic Designs Fine Art, Inc. Eleanor F. Clayton*
Mr. Richard B. Cliff
Mr. & Mrs. John B. Cobb
Ms. Marjorie H. Coblentz
Mr. & Mrs. M. Leigh Coburn Ms. Janice W. Coley
Ms. Lucy E. Colman Community Drug & Alcohol
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Conaway
Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Conley Mr. & Mrs. Michael B. Connor Ms. Barbara J. Conrad
Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Cooper Ms. Hope Faith Costantini
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Costello Mr. & Mrs. Sydney Covington Ms. Roberta F. Cox
Ms. Harriett K. Crago
Mr. Antonio Craig
Ms. Jennie Cramer
Ms. Sharon R. Craven
Ms. Joan M. Crilley
Mr. Charles B. Cross
Dr. Daniel F. Crowther
Ms. Naomi I. Crozier
Mrs. Mary E. Cunningham
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Cyphers Edward A. Dachowski, DDS Ms. Ruth M. Dallas
Ms. Ethel Daly
Ms. Elizabeth Davis
Mrs. Joanne T. Davis
Mr. & Mrs. John S. Davis
Mrs. Madeleine E. Davis
Ms. Fredrica Davison
Mrs. Phyllis C. Dearolf
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin H. Deeble Mr. Raymond Delay
Ms. Rebecca Demby
Ms. Jeannette Demos
Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. DesJardins Ms. Mary Ella Deveney
Mr. & Mrs. George D. Devereux, III Mr. & Mrs.* William J. Devlin
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent DiBona
Ms. Camilla Dick
Ms. Sharon J. Dicker
Mr. Thomas H. Dicker
Mr. James F. Dietz
Ms. Margaret Dimmler
Ms. Caroline A. Dippolito
Mrs. Ada M. DiTullio
Mrs. Edith J. Dobbins
Mrs. Jean H. Dolph
Ms. Antonette Dolphy
Mr. Brian Donathan
Ms. Margaret Dorsey
Mrs. Lavina Dorshaw
Ms. Kathleen Dougherty
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dougherty Mrs. Evelyn H. Douglass
Ms. Marie-Therese Doyon Drexelbrook Catering
Ms. Margaret M. Duda
Mrs. Barbara Dungan
Ms. Brenda L. Dunton
Ms. Suzanne K. Dure
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Durisch Ms. Eleanor J. Dwyer
Ms. Karyn Dwyer
Mr. Phillip F. Dykstra
James R. & Sarah P. East
Mr. & Mrs. George H. Eastburn Ms. Geraldene Eccli
Ms. Meryl Eddy
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Edinger Mrs. Alta L. Eger
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Ekquist
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis T. Elliott
Ms. Elfriede Ellis
Mrs. Joanne S. Elsman
Mrs. Marion End
Mr. & Mrs. Sidney H. Engel Mrs. Barbara L. Epstein
Mr. Jeffrey Epstein
Ms. Corinne J. Eskin
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen V. Falcone Mr. Richard P. Fallows
Ms. Vivian Faulkner
Ms. Fridell Feibus
Mr. & Mrs. Michael B. Feldman Ms. Ruth V. Feldman
Mrs. Stella Feldman
Mr. Hilbert S. Felton
Ms. Sarah Ferrari
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Fetzer
Helene Fick
Mr. & Mrs. Edward H. Fielding Mrs. Margaret H. Fields
Ms. Mary L. Figueroa
Mr. & Mrs. David R. Fink
Mrs. Harriet Finkel
Mr. W. Ray Finklea
Ms. Frances Fischer
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Fischer Mr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Fitzgerald Mrs. Claudette E. Fleischmann Ms. Constance Floyd
Ms. Louisiana S. Floyd
Ms. Kathleen B. Foerster
Mrs. Anne D. Folwell
Ms. Beryl R. Ford
Ms. Ahnyé Foreman
Mr. J. Garrett Forsythe III
Ms. Donna M. Forte
Ms. Jane P. Fowler
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne K. Fowler Mrs. Jane C. Fox
Ms. Judy Y. Frank
Mr. William M. Free
Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Freedman Freedom Credit Union
June W. Fritz*
Ms. Kathryn B. Frye
Mr. David I. Fuller
Ms. Jeanette A. Fulton
      “After making Brittany Pointe our home and finding out about the Acts Legacy Foundation, we decided
to investigate how we might donate and thereby aid others who might benefit after living out their own monies. Upon learning that Acts had a charitable annuity we decided this was the way we could go. We liked the idea of giving to a good cause and having
the opportunity of taking advantage of donating stock and not having to pay capital gains. In addition to this plus, we get a check every three months for the duration of our lives. It is a win-win situation both for the Acts Legacy Foundation and us.”
Alex and Elizabeth Korsch, Brittany Pointe Estates
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