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Acts Legacy Foundation Donors 2017
 Please accept our special thanks! Each year thoughtful residents, staff, families and friends offer gifts in support of Acts communities. Too numerous to list, donors of $50 or more follow. Every gift makes a difference in the lives of those served, and we gratefully acknowledge all gifts on behalf of those who benefit from this kindness.
Estate of Walter Bacon Estate of Marie Meszaros Estate of Norman Park
Founder’s Club
Nannie Fooks Campbell Trust Estate of Edna Daly
Bill & Carmen Edwards
The Estate of Norma Harless Ms. Mary H. Keefe
Ann P. Miller Charitable Trust Estate of Walter G. Peters
L. Florence Schmidt Foundation Mrs. Louise S. Widdup
Platinum Club
Brittany Pointe Estates Residents Association
Estate of William Parker Brown Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Langan Mrs. Janet M. Lund
Cornelia & Dick* Toole
Jim & Aana Lisa Whatley Estate of Alfred A. Wolsky
Gold Club
Estate of Frank A. Aten BB&T Bank
Raymond & Clara Bradbury Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Cordell Estate of James T. Corle Mrs. Clara M. Craig
Mr. Elver A. Cress & Ms. Mary L. Rohloff
Mr. Warren H. Davis Margaret M. & Paul A. Day
Memorial Fund
Estate of Ruth E. DeVow Sandra & David Durfee
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph E. Elliott Estate of Herman Clarence
George & Judith Gilbert Mr. & Mrs. Gerald T. Grant The Groome Charitable
Remainder UniTrust
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth F. Hayes Mr. William J. Hilliard, Sr. Kay Horn
The Romaine & Mary Horn
Family Fund
Ms. Eleanor C. Huneke
Louise H. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Alex Korsch
Gisela V. Kuntz
Lanier Village Retired Treasures Manor House Thrift Shop Barbara H. Matthews
Jim* & Brenda Monteith
Doris O’Connor
Plantation Estates Goods to Go
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Schock Southampton Estates
Residents Association
Mrs. Mildred E. Speece Charles H. & Mildred E. Speece
Mrs. Beverly J. Sporer
Mary Stark
Mrs. Madge W. Steiner
Trace’s Treasures
Mr. Robert D. Ullrich
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Werner Ziegler
Silver Club
Ms. Jane E. Bloom
Mr. James N. Coker Community Foundation of the
Eastern Shore
Complete Property Development Louise W. Daft
Ms. Annlouise Devenney
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Eaton
Dr. Katherine M. England
Ernest Bock & Sons, Inc.
Mrs. Barbara B. Fricker
Mrs. Sally M. Gakenheimer
Dr. Ralph P. Grant
The Rev. & Mrs. George R.
Gunn, Jr.
Inge Guttman
Ms. Jolene L. Hangartner Huntingdon Mechanical
Ms. Patricia M. Hursen Indian River Estates East
Residents Association
In Faith Community Foundation Mr. Hendrick B. Isings
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Jacobs Estate of Cynthia Kinsella Kramer + Marks Architects
Mr. Phillip Laney
Lima Estates Residents
McBrick Building Group Estate of Helen McConnell McHugh Engineering
Associates, Inc. McKesson Medical-Surgical Anne D. McMackin
Steve W. Messer
Mr. & Mrs. James B. Metzger Gail & Otello Meucci
Mrs. Joanne E. Mott
Ellen Nobles-Harris
Wilton L. & Mary Dee Parr
Ms. Marie E. Poos
R.C. Titter Construction, Inc. Eugene Redko & Linda A. Olson Mrs. Ann M. Redus
Lois A. Rees
Ms. Helen Rockberger
Thomas C. & Emma S. Roe
Memorial Endowment Fund Beatrice Rothel
Robert & Joyce Sammis Schwab Charitable Fund Singer Equipment Company Spring House Estates Bazaar
Mrs. Barbara L. Thomas
Mr. Thomas Thomson
Mrs. Gisela S. Treichel
Ms. Grace Walden
Nellie B. Walrath Trust Ralph & Jackie Wheeler Mr. & Mrs. James R. Whitley Jere & Ellen Witherspoon
Bronze Club
Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP Bank of America Corp.
Ms. Donah Beale
Rolf & Frances Bibow
Ray Boyle
C. Caramanico & Sons, Inc. Tom & Imogene Carmichael Chambers Associates, Inc.
Mrs. Daphne L. Childress Karen & Alan Christiansen
Tom & Alicia Clemens
Clemens Development
CNI Sales, Inc.
Elizabeth B. Coleman
Ms. Marsha T. Cooper
Mr. & Mrs. Carl H. Corbit
Mr. & Mrs. Walter W. Cosby
Mr. & Mrs. Joel Craig
Mr. & Mrs. Fred P. Culbreth
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