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Acts Legacy Foundation Donors 2017 (Continued)
Lima Estates Residents Association
Mrs. Eunice L. Mayhugh Ms. Rosemary McNair Ms. Eileen M. Murray Ms. Eleanor M. Peoples Judy Pittock
Ms. Jane G. Rauffenbart
The Rev. George S. Rigby, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Schock Ms. Elva M. South
Ms. Mary M. Tharp
Mr.* & Mrs. Frederick Thornton Ms. Catalina Zobel
Manor House
Mr. Glenn H. Baer
BHA Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Karl K. Brown, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Leland Burton, Jr. Burton Family Fund
Nannie Fooks Campbell Trust Ellie Carter
Ms. Charlotte A. Conaway
The Rev. Dr. Raymond J. Cooke* Crestlea Foundation
Crystal Trust
Delaware Community Foundation Jessie Ball duPont Fund
Ralph & Ann Elliott
Eleanor R. Henry
Beth & Tom Hershey
Hershey Family Foundation
The Hurley Family
Mr. Edgar R. Kauffman
Mrs. Beverly J. King
Suzie F. Kline
LaffeyMcHugh Foundation
Longwood Foundation
John & Elizabeth Lucas
Manor House Altar Guild
Manor House Auxiliary
Manor House Crafty Nook
Manor House Pineapple Boutique Manor House Thrift Shop
Marmot Foundation
Carolynn Q. McIlnay
Ellen L. Morton
Mrs. Helen T. Morton
Mrs. Margaret D. O’Day PeninsulaDelaware Conference Dr. Richard A. & Mrs. Amy
The Rev. Albert F. Peters PNC Bank, Delaware Miss Susan Potts
Millard & Lillian Prutky
Charitable Trust
Arthur W. Purdue Foundation Martha Rogers Trust
Nancy Marshall Saunders The Rev. & Mrs. Richard C.
Edward J. Steiner Welfare Foundation
Mid-South Region
Lanier Village
Daphne L. Childress
Bert S. Dillon
Mary Ann Groome*
Mrs. Mary H. Hosch Mel Kuritzky
Ben H. Lancaster Don & Ruth Langan
Lanier Village Estates Special Projects Committee
Lanier Village Retired Treasures Ray and Edith Leach
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew S. Lebor Barbara McGill*
Mr. Joseph F. Pirola, Jr.
Ann M. Redus
Evelyn Rudy*
Mrs. Rachael D. Sanders Marie Shephard*
Mrs. Madge W. Steiner
Larry Stoddard
Kay F. Stringer
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Truslow, Jr. Caroline E. Van de Pol
Alan & Gail Werner
Mr. & Mrs. Leo J. Yager
Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Zieseniss
Magnolia Trace
Ms. Rita K. Jhangiani
Magnolia Trace Spiritual Life Fund Mrs. Violet I. Ova
Bonnie C. Pearson
Andrew & Marylin Setlow
Dr. & Mrs. Samuel L. Stover
Plantation Estates
Raymond & Clara Bradbury Elinor B. Caddell
Elizabeth B. Coleman
Ms. Janice W. Coley
Ms. Roberta F. Cox
Mr. Charles B. Cross
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Eaton
Robert B. & Mary E. Evans
Kay Horn
Mrs. Sarah D. Hovis
Dan A. Knee
Edith Larson*
Mrs. Frances T. Lawhon Margaret J. Lenz
Connie R. Maccubbin
Master Kraft, Inc.
Ann P. Miller Charitable Trust Jim* and Brenda Montieth
Mr. Hassel K. Nix
Wilton L. & Mary Dee Parr
Kitty R. Peterson
Plantation Estates Friends of Red Plantation Estates Goods to Go Ms. Kathryn M. Scholes
Norman & Marianne Schul
Smith Grounds Management, Inc. Mrs. Beverly J. Sporer
Mrs. Edith M. Vanderbeck
Jim & Aana Lisa Whatley
Park Pointe Village
Sue & Bob Butler Pete & Pat Floyd
Mr. C. Brooks Hudson Bill & Helen Issel David C. Morrow*
Acts Legacy Foundation
This wonderful group of people demonstrated that dedication, hard work, and a spectacular event for the entire community can result
in significant support for their Indian River Estates Samaritan Fund. The 2017 event raised over $55,000. Phyllis Shipp best described what motivated this energetic group, “we do this because we are family and that’s what a family does, we take care of each other.”
Indian River Estates Gala Committee
LEFT TO RIGHT: Charles Schneider, Carolyn Schneider, Jerry Shipp, Phyllis Shipp, Mary Ellen Replogle, Jane Brown
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