Page 8 - Acts 2019 Annual Report
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  MAKING AN IMPACT: Community Benefit & Social Accountability Through our community benefit and social accountability efforts, our actions and activities within our local communities serve to affirm our values, demonstrate our commitment to our various stakeholders, and fulfill the requirements and expectations as a tax-exempt organization.  Acts welcomes the opportunity to open our doors and share our resources with the greater community. An array of diverse groups, agencies and non-profit organizations visited our communities to hold events, meetings, programs and activities throughout the year. Opening our doors brings Acts and the greater community together, which makes for stronger, healthier communities.  Acts is a socially responsible not-for-profit organization, committed to serving our local communities through strong leadership, volunteerism and financial support. Each year, members of the Acts family provide thousands of hours in volunteer service, serve in leadership positions on community boards and clubs, participate in local and national fundraisers, and contribute broadly to the greater community.  Charity care through our benevolence programs assures the continuance of service without burdening government support programs, while discounted care provides opportunities that may otherwise not be available.   6 | ACTS RETIREMENT SERVICES      

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