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By Paddy Wiesenfeld, Ph.D., Fairhaven, and Bill Tamulonis, Acts Retirement-Life Communities
We are living in a historical moment in time.
In December 2019, a novel corona virus—COVID-19—emerged
in Wuhan, China. Though structurally similar to the common- cold virus d, COVID-19 is distinguished by its rapid rate of transmission. Worldwide, as of September 2020, over 31 million people have been infected and the virus is related to over 960,000 deaths.
The global pandemic unsettled everyone’s lives—including the residents of Acts Retirement-Life Communities. To capture this moment in time, residents from Acts’ five Chesapeake Region communities wrote memoirs of their experiences. They want
to remember the small moments and life lessons; readers will appreciate their words of wisdom, comfort, and humor.
We invite you on a journey that might reflex some of your own experiences and thoughts. Some stories will make you laugh out loud and others will bring tears. All of them will enlighten and stimulate reflection. Taken together they will entertain you for a little while. We hope they will also help you flourish through this and future challenges that may arise.

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