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                It took a while to understand that some people with COVID-19 were asymptomatic but could still spread the disease. When we were eventually all tested at Manor House, eight residents tested positive, and all were asymptomatic. It was hard for people to grasp the concept that people who appeared healthy could be spreading the virus without knowing it.
Perhaps the most distressing thing about COVID-19 was how little we understood about it. There were even people who insisted the whole thing was a hoax.
Getting Supplies and Groceries
As the virus began to spread in late February, the first concern was getting groceries. Our son, Pat, asked us not to go into stores to avoid getting the virus. We were also concerned about the danger. We took Pat up on his offer to shop for us, and I met him in a parking lot near his home so he wouldn’t have to come all the way to Seaford.
Even though Pat was willing to continue getting our groceries,
I hated to be a burden, so I tried the Walmart Pick Up here in Seaford and found that it felt safe and worked well. For a couple of weeks, I ordered from Walmart and picked up my order in the parking lot without going into the store.
Social isolation began on April 4. Acts Retirement-Life Communities, which operates Manor House and other communities, used the state requirements to create community guidelines. We were required to wear masks at least when inside the main building, but preferably any time we were not in our own cottage, and we were to socially distance—remain six feet apart from anyone other than the people living in our cottage. If we left the campus for any reason, we were required to self-isolate in our cottage for fourteen days. No visitors were allowed on campus.
Once confined to campus, I again gave Pat my order, and he picked everything up. However, now he had to drive to Seaford. He could leave things at the Welcome House, and I met him at the gate. He loaded everything in my car. We both wore masks and kept our

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