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                to track the virus using reports from hospitals and governors. A summary report was given to Vice President Pence, who reported to the country at a weekly news conference. President Trump also commented on the virus situation, plus the economy.
Safe at Heron Point
The CDC said people who were the most vulnerable were the elderly and those who had a pre-existing illness. That is us. In 2014, Grandpa George and I moved into a cottage at Heron Point,
 Groceries delivered to your door
~ Jack Fancher, Heron Point
an Acts Retirement-Life Community in Maryland, where the residents ranged in age from 65
to 105. Grandpa George passed away in 2018,
but I continued to live in the cottage with my ten- year-old Minx cat named Charlie.
How would Heron Point keep the residents safe? They started by restricting visitors and requiring residents who left campus to self-isolate for fourteen
days. We could no longer eat in the dining room; we picked up our meals and ate in our cottages or apartments. This was the beginning of our new normal.
An example of essential businesses that remained open were the grocery and drug stores and they added a new service: “delivery.” Residents ordered groceries and prescriptions by telephone or internet which were delivered to the gate. The Heron Point staff would re-deliver them to our doors. The beauty and barber shops were closed, and our residents who were wearing masks, hats, and caps as their hair was growing long looked like bank robbers.

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