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                hadn’t driven on any highway for months. Would my driving skills be as sharp as the last time I drove? Would I notice the car in front of me slowing down? The thought of freedom overwhelmed my ability to consider the risks, and on June 8 I ventured off campus for the first time in more than two months.
My first stop was the car wash. As my Honda emerged, I felt a sense of pride just seeing the caked-on dust replaced by a brilliant shine. Then, it was on to a local produce stand. I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but just the thought of what I might find was exciting. Rhubarb caught my eye, and as I reached for three stalks, I could already smell the coffee cake I would make the next day.
 I should have got here sooner!
~ Jack Fancher, Heron Point
The last stop was the grocery store. There were some changes since my
last visit. Two masked employees were seated
outside, one at the entrance and one at
the exit. This was in keeping within the
state guidelines for store occupancy. Each employee
kept a record of all customers as they entered and
exited. The shopping experience was not that different from those in the past until I observed certain shelves stripped of their goods. Cleaning supplies, dishwashing detergent, and paper products had fallen to the pandemic. As the cashier swiped my groceries across the sensor, we made eye contact through a plexiglass shield that separated us, adding an extra layer of protection for both of us.
With a feeling of accomplishment, I returned to Manor House, confident my driving skills were still intact. There was a sense of regained control of my life. Things seemed to be returning to normal.

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