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                This sign signaled the occupant of the apartment was in isolation:
Previous natural disasters and pandemics played out on my TV.
I had always been an observer, but now I was a participant. The closest I ever came to experiencing a disaster was in October of 1954 when Hurricane Hazel came roaring through Pennsylvania, just skirting our part of the state. I was a young girl living in the country. We didn’t have a radio or telephone, and certainly no TV. We had no idea of the imminent danger. It was day time, so we could see the dark clouds rolling in and hear the wind. As the wind grew stronger, my mother became more concerned and herded
me and my friend into our root cellar. The three of us rode out
the storm there, probably no more than an hour or so. When we emerged there were tree limbs all over the property, but no other damage. Hurricane Hazel was a very short experience compared to this pandemic. COVID-19 has been a part of my life for months.
Social distancing, cancellation of activities, and the closed campus required each resident to provide their own entertainment. I’ve

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