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   Every Gift Makes A Difference
Acts Legacy Foundation, Inc. recommends you discuss charitable opportunities with your attorney, financial planner, tax advisor and/or family members before making any substantial gift. If you itemize, your gift is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. The Foundation will use your gift for the designated purpose. If this need no longer exists, or determined by the Board of Directors
to no longer be prudent, then it may be applied to an area of greatest need. Of your total gift,
95% benefits your designated purpose, with the remaining 5% being used for administration of the charitable programs.
If you desire personal contact to discuss your charitable giving opportunities, please contact Ray Boyle at 877-287-0799.
Acts Legacy Foundation, Inc. is a public charity organized in the state of Delaware and located at 375 Morris Road, P.O. Box 90, West Point, PA 19486-0090
Acts Legacy Foundation: 877-287-0799 •
“While growing up as one of twelve siblings, we all had
each other to love and care for, and that led to our human daily needs being met by those around us. Each person, during their adult age of reasoning life, possesses the God gifted power to choose and carry out what God identified
as righteous and good. Making a contribution to the
Acts Legacy Foundation was the right choice for me. The charitable gift annuity I chose helps to fund what I believe in and call it my home, through support of the Acts Family of Charitable Funds, especially the Samaritan and Hospice funds. I ask each Acts resident and employee to consider an act of love to your neighbor which may potentially help you back at a future time when you need help.”
Warren Davis, Gwynedd Estates
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