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      Board of Directors Acts Retirement-Life Communities, Inc. Members of the Board of Directors of Acts are dedicated individuals who embrace the company’s mission, purpose, and values by sharing their expertise in many aspects of senior living. With the exception of the CEO, each member serves as a volunteer without compensation. Susan B. Allmond Thomas D. Clemens H. Bruce Detweiler, CPA Treasurer Annlouise Devenney, RN Resident Thomas A. Dunn, III John L. Esterhai, Jr., M.D. Board Chairman Robert B. Evans Resident Elric C. Gerner Secretary Gerald T. Grant, CEO Rev. George R. Gunn, Jr. Resident Michael D. Kelly Dilip Kulathum Vice Chairman Daniel W. Lawson, II Larry D. Marr Marvin Mashner, CPA William W. Reynolds, Jr., Ed.D Resident James H. Worth Special thanks to Donald Davis, John Marcheschi and Dr. Donna Jacobi who retired from the board after many years of dedicated service to Acts. We are grateful for their contributions to the Acts organization, our residents and communities.     2019 ANNUAL REPORT | 9 RETIREMENT SERVICES      

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