See how Acts continues providing safety and security during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Safety and Security in an Ever-Changing Pandemic

As the COVID-19 crisis continues in the United States, it’s apparent that Americans are adapting their lives to the “new normal.” Individuals, families, businesses and other organizations are discovering ways to continue forward in a safe manner while adapting to ever-changing government and health official guidelines.

Acts Retirement-Life Communities continues leading a charge of putting our residents and employees first, offering them the amenities they’ve always known while maintaining physical distancing and other safety measures. Since the beginning of the pandemic we have never wavered when it came to providing the care, support and services needed to keep our residents safe, active and engaged. Now we’re able to expand those services to continue offering an unparalleled retirement lifestyle.

Acts Campuses are Thriving with Activity

Nearly all of our communities have reached Phase 2 in our re-opening plans according to guidance from local health officials, government officials and the Acts COVID-19 Clinical Task Force. (Click here to read more about our re-opening phases.) Community restaurants are once again open in safe capacities. Life engagement activities and programs have adapted virtual options and are also beginning to offer in-person choices as we strive to keep socialization thriving. Our communities have maintained compliance with Federal and State regulations/guidance in establishing protocols to allow visitors, beginning with immediate family members, to meet outside on campus and, with some limitations, an inside visit.

A Message from Acts President Karen Christiansen About the Importance of Community

FAQs During Covid-19

Whether you’re one of our beloved residents, a friend or loved one of a resident, or a prospective resident considering calling one of our campuses home, we know you have questions. Click below to read our frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers to those questions. Should you have additional questions, please contact our COVID-19 Information Line at 1-866-293-6396. For any questions or updates about one of our residents please do not hesitate to contact the community’s Executive Director or Administrator.

Read our FAQs here.

For any questions about becoming an Acts resident, please contact the community’s Life Care Consultant.

Where We Stand in the Fight Against COVID-19

These are some of the most trying times we've ever faced as a nation, but Loving-Kindness and our Mission to serve our residents remains stronger than ever. We'll undoubtedly face both challenges and triumphs moving forward, but the most important aspect is that we're experiencing them together.

Our precautions and protocols have proven successful as we have only a small number of active COVID-19 resident cases in only a few of our communities.

Limiting Exposure

Our communities continue to implement all recommended safety protocols including resident health monitoring, employee screenings and temperature checks before each shift, appropriate use of personal protective equipment, and proper social distancing practices to limit personal contact. Since the start of this pandemic, we have had more than 50 infection control surveys across our Acts communities completed by the respective local, state and federal regulators. We are so pleased to report that we have had no deficiencies and no recommendations. All surveys have been concluded with appreciation and acknowledgement of our sound protocols and practices.

View an infographic here on how we're responding when there is a positive case in our communities.

Effective Protocols

Due to our vigilant efforts, we are blessed that the majority of our campuses are COVID-19 free. With more than 10,000 residents and 8,000 employees, our total active positive COVID-19 cases represent less than 1% of our population. For the communities that do have residents or employees that have tested positive, many are recovering or have recovered, and some have had no symptoms at all.

The large majority of our positive cases have involved residents residing in our skilled nursing area, WillowBrooke Court. Our skilled nursing facilities house our most vulnerable residents, many of whom have pre-existing conditions and complex medical issues that challenge their ability to combat the virus. We ask for special prayers for these residents and for our healthcare teams that are providing compassionate and outstanding care to our most vulnerable residents.

Continued Testing is Our Most Effective Measure

We continue to actively monitor residents and community staff for any signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Please be assured that our communities continue to implement all recommended safety protocols including resident health monitoring, employee screenings and temperature checks before each shift, appropriate use of personal protective equipment, and proper social distancing practices to limit personal contact.

Since the onset of the pandemic, we have strongly advocated for broad testing capabilities for our residents and staff. We have extensive testing capabilities and protocols are in place that provide for routine testing of residents and employees, enabling the identification of individuals that are positive for COVID-19, but have no symptoms at all.

Now is the Right Time to Join an Acts Community

With all of the uncertainties Americans are facing because of COVID-19 – from health and safety concerns, to financial worries, or uncertainty of the effects on the economy and the housing market – moving to an Acts community provides you many certainties in these uncertain times, including life care coverage.

Our communities continue to provide an engaged lifestyle and peace of mind when it comes to protecting your current health and well-being, any future health care you may need, and your nest egg.

Click here to learn more about why now might be the best time to choose a continuing care retirement community.

Video Gallery and Featured Stories

Throughout these tumultuous times, we've also experienced many examples of what we refer to as "Loving-Kindness" in our communities. Some of those examples have been captured in photos, video and articles. Take a look at some of those below.

Video Gallery

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Featured Stories

Our Priorities Remain the Same

As we get closer to returning to normal operations, we will always prioritize the health and well-being of our residents and employees. Should any of our protocols and guidelines change as we receive recommendations and mandates from local, state or federal officials, we are committed to keeping our residents, employees, family members and prospective residents informed every step of the way.

We remain thankful for the strength, perseverance and support that we are observing every day from our residents and staff throughout the Acts family.