Some Magnolia Trace Residents

Interested in Magnolia Trace? Hear what some of our residents have to say. Read testimonials below from our Alabama retirement community residents.

"I worked on special military projects that I can never talk about. But ask me about Magnolia Trace, and you can hardly get me to stop talking."

        - Robert Radke

For 30 years, Bob Radke did vital, classified work for the U.S. Army at the Redstone Arsenal. But engineering is only part of a life filled with accomplishment, adventure and service. He's been a computer instructor at the Huntsville Senior Center, a volunteer with the AARP Tax Aid Program and an avid outdoorsman.

Radke Robert Radke

Bob has explored pristine caves all over Alabama. And, for years he taught wilderness survival to teens and led them on many expeditions. On one rock-climbing trip, his group became stranded on a treacherously slippery ledge. Bob had to call upon his engineering prowess to jury-rig some gear that helped everyone descend safely.

That's what Bob does. He sees a challenge and finds a solution. So when it came time for a retirement community, he found the obvious solution at Magnolia Trace.

"One of my co-workers at the FBI always told me to take up for myself, because nobody else would. Well, when I met the people at Magnolia Trace, I took up for myself and moved there!"

        - Mary Smith

Smith Mary Smith

From her exciting, youg, married years living and working in Washington, D.C., to the years she traveled the country with her husband the circuit court judge, Mary Smith has always grabbed life with both hands and lived it for all its worth.

Mary's passions are many and her days have always been full. As a charter member of the Junior Auxiliary, she traveled to schools giving eye and hearing exams. She volunteered with Special Olympics, did fundraising for a local school for the deaf, and taught kids about art. Oh, and in her spare time, this avid baker and cook prepared and delivered meals to shut-ins.

It's not surprising that Mary loves living at Magnolia Trace. Here, she's surrounded by friendly, caring people like herself.


"I spent 26 years as a Defense Department official, so I know a well-run organization when I see it. That's why we live at Magnolia Trace."

        - George McClellan

Like all Magnolia Trace residents, George and Mildred McClellan have lived rewarding, interesting lives. In addition to raising three kids, Mildred spent 22 years as a nurse at Huntsville Hospital. George was Supervisor of the U.S. Army Missile Command. He also served as the Army's Chief of Appropriations for operations and maintenance.

Mc Clellan George and Mildred McClellan

When George retired, he became an ordained Episcopal minister and later, arch deacon. Today, he's again serving the Department of Defense, now as a chaplain and as the leader responsible for interviewing and selecting candidates for the DOD's chaplain corps.

George's military roots run deep. He's a descendant of Union General George B. McClellan. His great grandfather was Assistant U.S. Surgeon General during the Civil War and was responsible for saving the life of imprisoned Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

George and Mildred's zest for life also runs deep. Which is why they moved to Magnolia Trace, where they knew they'd be joining a community as vibrant and engaged as they are.