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As you are undoubtedly aware, the coronavirus, or COVID-19, has impacted daily life of people around the globe, in the United States, and yes, even here within our Acts communities. We are aware of the heightened anxiety and concern that is present in and around our communities. We want to assure you that Acts maintains its vigilance in taking all precautions and measures to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents and employees in response to the pandemic.

In the event we have confirmed cases of COVID-19 within our family of communities, we are fully prepared and work in compliance with our local health authorities and the CDC to minimize any spread within the campus. In addition, we immediately notify residents, family members and staff of these developments. Please be assured that our residents always receive compassionate and high-quality care, and that all of our actions are consistent with guidance from public health authorities.

Feel free to visit this website often for the very latest information on how we are responding to COVID-19, including any changes to our operations and visitor restrictions at our communities. You will also find helpful information and links to resources on COVID-19 from a variety of public sources. We have also established a special phone information line for any questions about our COVID-19 response measures. That number is 1-866-293-6396. If you leave a message, an Acts representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued support, understanding and prayers as we navigate these difficult times together.

Priorities Within Acts and its Campuses

Our main focus at this time continues to be on preventive measures within each of our communities. Please be assured that our communities continue to engage all recommended safety protocols including resident health monitoring, employee screenings and temperature checks before each shift, appropriate use of personal protective equipment, social distancing and operational changes to limit personal contact. We also continue to monitor and refine practices related to our ongoing operations in an effort to respond responsibly and effectively. Acts has recently initiated personal concierge services including routine resident check-ins, and grocery and medication delivery so that residents do not need to leave the campus.

Acts understands how challenging the COVID-19 outbreak has made everyday life. We are continually focused on actions to provide peace of mind to our residents and their family members, as well as keeping our residents engaged, comfortable, well cared for and happy. While there are restrictions in place brought forth by the current environment, life in our communities is far from stagnant. Residents still safely enjoy campus amenities and activities, whether by digital means or in very small groups to maintain safe social distancing. Many are also enjoying the spring weather and outdoor campus amenities with the same social distancing requirements.

Our activity teams have been coming up with creative ways our residents can still have fun while staying safe. Residents are participating in an array of activities designed to stimulate the mind, body and spirit including in-room activities, virtual events, and entertainment throughout the day that are shared on the in-house TV and available on demand.   

We are also actively encouraging and helping residents stay connected with their families and friends via video and phone (including Facetime and Skype). And, in keeping with what has always been evident within the Acts culture, there is no shortage of examples of loving-kindness. While Acts continues to work with our vendors and maintains appropriate levels of supplies, our residents want to do their part in battling this world-wide pandemic. Many residents across our family have rallied together and are creating protective masks for those on the front lines. These residents are showing that Loving-Kindness lives here. We encourage you to follow Acts and our communities on Facebook, where we post about many of the activities occurring within the community during this unique period.

To those who have family members living within our Acts communities, please be assured that your loved ones are being cared for at the highest possible level. All of our actions are consistent with guidance from the CDC and local public health authorities, and always made in the best interest of keeping our residents and employees safe. We remain in frequent communication with residents, family members and employees and will continue to provide updates on our website.

All of you are in our hearts and in our thoughts as we pray for the continued safety, peace of mind and good health for our extended Acts family. Please also join us in praying for all the people that have been directly touched by this worldwide pandemic.

A Message from Acts President on COVID-19

Latest Update

May 1, 2020 -  As the coronavirus (“COVID-19”) pandemic continues to impact our nation, we remain committed to keeping you as informed as possible on its impact within our communities.

Increased Access to Testing

As testing across the nation has increased over the past few weeks, we too have experienced an increase in testing availability. Since the onset of the pandemic, we have strongly advocated for broad testing capabilities for our residents and staff. We welcome the support from our local hospitals, laboratories, health departments, and the National Guard that are offering to provide testing for our OakBridge Terrace and/or WillowBrooke Court residents and employees. We are hopeful that additional communities will be provided this testing in the very near future.

Limiting Exposure

Our communities continue to implement all recommended safety protocols including resident health monitoring, employee screenings and temperature checks before each shift, appropriate use of personal protective equipment, and proper social distancing practices to limit personal contact. Since the start of this pandemic, we have had twelve infection control surveys across our Acts communities completed by the respective departments of health. We are so pleased to report that we have had no deficiencies and no recommendations. All surveys have been concluded with appreciation and acknowledgement of our sound protocols and practices.

Due to our vigilant efforts, we are blessed that eleven of our Acts communities are currently without any residents testing positive for COVID-19. With more than 10,000 residents and 8,000 employees, our total positive COVID-19 cases represent just 2% of our population.

The large majority of our positive cases have involved residents residing in our skilled nursing facility, WillowBrooke Court. Our skilled nursing facilities house our most vulnerable residents, many of whom have pre-existing conditions and complex medical issues that challenge their ability to combat the virus. For context, we unfortunately lose on average 5% of our WillowBrooke Court residents each month. With the viral spread of COVID-19, we have seen a small increase to 6% over the same time period.

A Measured Approach

While we look forward to returning to our normal operations as soon as possible, we will always prioritize the health and well-being of our residents and employees. We fully expect to implement a phased plan on a community-specific basis, based on local government protocols and that community’s own experience with COVID-19 cases. We are committed to keeping you informed every step of the way.

We remain thankful for the strength, perseverance and support that we are observing every day from our residents and staff throughout the Acts family.

Should you have any questions, please contact our COVID-19 Information Line at 1-866-293-6396. For any questions or updates on one of our residents please do not hesitate to contact the community’s Executive Director or Administrator.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

As part of Acts Retirement-Life Communities' core mission, our organization strives to provide security and peace of mind to our residents, staff members, and all those that consider themselves an extension of the Acts family. We believe this is not only done through comprehensive infection control protocols at our campus and support locations, but also by offering education resources to share knowledge on the outbreak and how to slow its spread.

In that light, we've offered some of the latest information and resource material on the Coronavirus ("COVID-19") below.

COVID-19 Resource PDF Downloads:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention links:

Video Education:

A full library of educational videos are available at the Center for Disease Control's YouTube Channel by clicking here.

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