Giving of Our Resources

Benevolent Care

Acts provides benevolent support when residents have outlived their resources. In 2015, Acts provided benevolent support of $1,624,142.

Discounted Care

Acts provides certain non-marketing related discounts to non-contracted spouses of contracted residents in our WillowBrooke Court Skilled Nursing Center. These socially accountable discounts totaled $419,747.

Medicaid Shortfall

Acts' participation in the Medicaid program is provided at Brittany Pointe Estates, St. Andrews Estates, Azalea Trace and Manor House. However, the cost of providing care to residents in WillowBrooke Court exceeds the reimbursement made by Medicaid. This shortfall is considered socially accountable, and in 2015, this amounted to a benefit of $1,385,593.

Direct Contributions

Each year, Acts contributes directly to the efforts of other organizations consistent with our mission and purposes. In 2015, these contributions totaled $94,780.

Charity Care

Charity Care takes many forms within Acts. Two of the most significant areas are Benevolent Receivables and Benevolent Care Shortfalls. Both areas focus on the reduction of potential burden on government resources associated with keeping residents off medicaid programs. In 2015, a community benefit was realized of $109,384 for Benevolent Receivables and $3,429,264 for Benevolent Care Shortfall.