Community Benefit & Social Accountability

Acts maintains a commitment to seniors through a mission focused on service delivery, both within our retirement communities and within the greater communities in which we live and work. This commitment is embodied within our culture of Loving-Kindness and through our actions of community benefit and social accountability. Our actions and activities within the local communities serve to affirm our values, demonstrate our commitment to our various stakeholders, and fulfill the requirements and expectations as a tax-exempt organization. Our charitable mission is evident in a remarkable diversity of service across the entire Acts organization. In 2015, our contributions of time, talents and treasures totaled $21,039,315, which is equivalent to 5.35% of Operating Expenses.

Giving Our Time

Acts realizes that our responsibilities extend far beyond our communities. During the year, members of the Acts family contribute their time to make life better for others by volunteering on behalf of various organizations, working with industry groups, sharing knowledge and best practices with caregivers, and supporting the work of other providers to enhance service delivery for all seniors. Lean more about the 278,555+ volunteer hours contributed by Acts residents and staff in 2015.

Giving of Our Resources

At Acts, our commitment to the well-being of our residents extends throughout their lives, including the promise of support should they lose their ability to pay for needed services. Financial assistance through our benevolence programs assures the continuance of service without burdening government support programs, while discounted care provides opportunities that may otherwise not be available. As good corporate citizens, we believe that we have an obligation of helping to meet the needs of the local community through sharing of various resources and supplies, as well as through financial support to various causes for community benefit. In 2015, Acts contributed $5,216,742 in benevolence care to residents; $3,305,249 economic value of contributed space, resources, property and supplies; and $9,946,819 in municipal needs, payments and contributions. Learn more about how Acts gives its resources.

Opening Our Doors

Acts welcomes the opportunity to open our doors and share our resources with the greater community. A wide diversity of groups, agencies and non-profit organizations visit an Acts campus to hold events, meetings, programs and activities throughout the course of the year. Opening our doors brings the Acts community and greater community together, which makes for stronger, healthier communities. In 2015, space donations amounted to a benefit of $3,211,806. Learn more about how we open our doors to our communities.

Business Partnerships

Acts connects with various community organizations in cooperative and partner relationships to provide services, enhance community well-being, educate and improve access to services. We are blessed to have relationships that serve the needs of our residents and persons from the surrounding communities. These relationships make for stronger communities, healthier lives, and enriched benefits. Click here for a list of community organizations with whom Acts maintains relationships at our various locations. View all of our 2015 community business partnerships.