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Senior Living Just How You Planned It!

Living in an ACTS Retirement-Life Community offers true peace of mind and more joy of living. Our retirement communities combine resort-style senior living with the assurance of health care provided at no additional cost. With ACTS Life Care, your long-term care is prearranged and your nest egg is protected from unexpected expenses. Relieved of those worries, you can enjoy all of retirement life more fully in one of our senior living communities.

With 21 retirement campuses providing comprehensive amenities and services, an ACTS continuing care retirement community (CCRC) may just be the perfect home for your retirement. You don't have to give up anything when you move into an ACTS community, but you get so much more: an active, independent lifestyle, the benefits of life care, and financial security.

Backed by more than 40 years of experience, an ACTS community is the ideal choice for those seeking a retirement lifestyle that offers variety, security, and value. What it all comes down to is quality you can count on, a commitment you can trust, and a way of life you'll love. It all comes together at ACTS Retirement-Life Communities.


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